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The Littlest Cowkids

Creator of "The Littlest Cowkids"

From the country life to you, freelance artist Barbara McKinzie, of California, MO, is sharing with you the antics of children and animals. The love of these two subjects has led to the creation of "The Littlest Cowkids". The ideas took form from observing her children's adventures. These award winning characters have prompted articles to be published about the artist's talents. A student of UMC and Avila College of Kansas City, she has taught herself the unusual technique of brush and ink.

"The Littlest Cowkids" captures the past and present childhood capers we remember with smiles. The artist offers these delightful ink drawings in a variety of notecards and prints. The assorted sizes give you a wide range of choices so that some are bound to be to your liking.

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McKinzie Art is a separate company with no connection to Carried Through Time Photography.

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