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Please place your orders before the order by date to ensure your order is placed with the rest of the team. Orders may be accepted after the expiration date but full shipping will be paid by each order instead of a group rate.

The photo selected to be used as the TEAM photo is _________________. 
The selected team photo will be used for any product that says TEAM in it, even if a different picture is selected. Other photos of the team are available, to order these please select the size you want that does not say TEAM in the description.

To order the Memory Mate please select Portrait for the Layout and Generic for the Style. The Memory Mates are added to the gallery in order to see what each player's will look like.

Please use the Group Shipping coupon that will discount the lab shipping fees (This is the shipping fees from the lab to Carried Through Time Photography. These fees are passed to the customer on a per order basis, this is to keep the print cost as low as possible. If this fee was not passed on to the customer on a per order basis, each item price would have to be raised to include the fee. In order to verify the orders are correct all orders are shipped to Carried Through Time Photography) to $1 instead of $9.95. This coupon will only work until the order by date on the gallery. If you forget to use the coupon please do not pay and send an email in order to adjust the invoice before payment. The coupon code is SHIP1.

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